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Welcome to ANU TV Welcome to ANU TV The ANUTV service to the desktop is currently in a pilot stage and is only available in select areas on campus. Your local IT support staff will be notified when the service becomes available in your area.

On this web site you can enjoy dozens of live broadcast TV and radio channels, right here in your web browser. Use a Mac, Linux or Windows computer to watch Australian and international channels.


  • Your computer is physically connected to the ANU campus network (not wirelessly).
  • The broadcast services are available on your area of the campus network.
  • Your computer has VLC Media Player and its browser plugin installed.

Installation Notes

  • Windows - when running the installer, ensure the browser plugins are installed too.
  • Macintosh - the VLC web browser plugin is a separate download and installation.
  • Javascript needs to be enabled in your browser to obtain full functionality.

Get Started

  • Use the Navigation panel to show channels from a specific country.
  • Change the size of the display using the Small, Medium, Large and Full Screen buttons. Full Screen can also be displayed by double-clicking on the TV display.
  • You can bookmark the page for any channel or country.


  • While it is possible to watch more than one channel at a time by opening multiple browser windows, this may cause your browser to crash.
  • The Small, Medium and Large buttons are not available if you're using Internet Explorer.
  • High definition channels require a powerful computer to display smoothly.

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